Top 10 things to do in Liverpool

Posted 5.4.24

1. The Beatles Story

You can’t mention Liverpool without thinking of the Fab Four. Head down to Albert Dock and immerse yourself in the world of The Beatles. Learn about their early life, rise to fame, and cultural impact. It’s a magical mystery tour, and you don’t even need a yellow submarine to enjoy it.

2. Liverpool FC’s Anfield Stadium

Whether you’re a football fan or not, a trip to Anfield is electric. Feel the spirit of a game, take the stadium tour, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be walking alone (in the best way possible).

3. Merseyside Maritime Museum

Situated at the historic Albert Dock, this museum is a journey into Liverpool’s nautical past. Ships, tales of the Titanic, and the city’s maritime heritage—it’s an ocean lover’s delight.

4. Liverpool Cathedral

One of the largest cathedrals in the world, this Gothic masterpiece offers spectacular views of the city if you climb the tower. It’s awe-inspiring, spiritual, and has an ethereal vibe that even words might not do justice to.

5. Cavern Club

Feel the beats where it all started for many bands, most notably The Beatles. This legendary venue on Mathew Street is where rock and roll dreams were born. Grab a drink and soak up the live music.

6. Tate Liverpool

For art enthusiasts, Tate Liverpool at Albert Dock offers a magnificent collection of modern and contemporary art. From Warhol to Hockney, it’s an artistic journey you’d want to embark on.

7. Royal Albert Dock

As well as being the site of many fantastic attractions, just wandering around the Albert Dock is a treat. Cobbled paths, historic warehouses, cafes, shops, and the waterfront view—it’s picturesque and full of character.

8. Museum of Liverpool

Dive into Liverpool’s rich history, from its sport, music, social history, and more. It’s engaging, interactive, and tells the story of the city in the most captivating way.

9. Ferry Across the Mersey

Hop on the famous ferry for splendid views of Liverpool’s waterfront. It’s not just a ride; it’s an experience, complete with its own iconic soundtrack.

10. Sefton Park

Need a breather? Sefton Park is a sprawling green oasis with a boating lake, the beautiful Palm House, and lots of space to relax. It’s Liverpool’s green lung, and it’s waiting for you.

We hope that gives you a taste of what Liverpool has to offer! Enjoy your time in this legendary city.


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