Shopping in Liverpool

Posted 5.4.24

1. Liverpool ONE:

Think of this as the “main stage” for shopping in Liverpool. It’s right in the city centre and boasts over 170 stores. From high-end brands to your favourite high street spots, Liverpool ONE has got you covered. Plus, when the shopping bags get too heavy, there are plenty of eateries and cafes to rest those weary feet.

2. Bold Street:

If Liverpool ONE is the main stage, Bold Street is the indie underground gig that all your friends are talking about. Vintage stores, independent boutiques, global food spots – this street’s got soul. It’s eclectic, a bit bohemian, and always feels like there’s a story waiting around the corner.

3. Metquarter:

Looking for a high-end retail experience? Metquarter is where luxury brands come out to play. It’s sleek, chic, and the place to treat yourself or someone special. The vibe is upscale, but even if you’re just window shopping, it’s a really special experience.

4. Cavern Walks:

Situated in the Cavern Quarter (Beatles alert!), this is another spot for the more exclusive shopping experience. It houses some of the city’s top designer boutiques.

5. Lark Lane:

A little outside the city centre, but oh so worth the journey. Lark Lane is quirky and has a village-y feel to it. Antique shops, crafty spots, and some really enticing places to grab a bite to eat.

6. St. John’s Shopping Centre:

Right in the heart of Liverpool, this place is all about value. A mix of well-known brands and budget-friendly options make it a go-to for many locals. Plus, it’s indoors, making it perfect for those occasional rainy days.

Happy shopping!


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