Liverpool for football fans

Posted 5.4.24

1. Anfield Tour:

Whether you chant “You’ll Never Walk Alone” or just appreciate football heritage, visiting Anfield is a must. Take the stadium tour, stand in the Kop, and get those goosebumps in the Players’ Tunnel.

2. Goodison Park Visit:

Across the park, the Toffees of Everton FC call Goodison home. It’s one of the world’s oldest purpose-built football grounds. A peek inside gives you a touch of the old-school football feels.

3. Football Pubs:

Liverpool’s bursting with them. The Sandon near Anfield is legendary—it’s where Liverpool FC was actually born! For Goodison, The Winslow Hotel is iconic. Whichever you pick, grab a pint and soak in the pre-match atmosphere.

4. LFC & EFC Stores:

Whether in Liverpool ONE or at the stadiums, drop by the official stores to snag some of the latest kit and merchandise. Jerseys, scarves, mugs—show off your colours.

5. The Liverpool FC Museum & Tour Centre:

Located at Anfield, it’s a treasure trove of memorabilia. European Cups, league trophies, and more – it’s like a trip down footy memory lane.

6. Merseyside Derby:

If your stars align and you’re in town for this, you’re in for a treat. Liverpool FC vs. Everton FC. Red vs. Blue. Anfield vs. Goodison. The atmosphere is electric, whether you’re in the stadium or a nearby pub.

7. Street Art & Murals:

Keep an eye out around the city, especially Anfield, for vibrant football-themed murals. From tributes to legends to iconic moments, it’s art with a footy twist.

So, lace up those trainers, throw on a scarf, and let Liverpool show you why it’s one of the football capitals of the world. Game on!


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