Hotel near Titanic Belfast

    Hotel near Titanic Belfast

    This is one to cross off the bucket list. Visit the Titanic exhibition, where the world’s most famous shipwreck was born. The Titanic ship was dubbed as ‘unsinkable’ because of its watertight doors and double bottom, but unfortunately, it sank on the 14th of April 1912 by crashing almost full speed into an iceberg, breaching the hull of the ship. Almost 3 hours later, the Titanic completely sank below the North Atlantic Ocean. If you’re looking for a hotel near Titanic Belfast, Maldron Hotel Belfast City Centre is only 10 minutes drive away!

    The Titanic Belfast, a world-class visitor attraction, opened in 2012 to commemorate where the failed RMS Titanic was built in 1912. In the space of 4 years, the attraction has welcomed 3 million visitors from over 145 countries. The graving docks in the Titanic quarters known as Queen’s Island were home to the construction of the two famous ships, the Titanic and its’ sister ship the Olympic.

    The Titanic visitor experience takes place in the Titanic Belfast, which was dubbed ‘the Iceberg’ because of its outer design resembling an iceberg. In the museum you will experience the real story of the Titanic, starting with Boomtown Belfast, depicting the era of Belfast at the start of the 20th century when the Titanic was being built. You will also witness The Shipyard, The Launch, The Maiden Voyage, The Sinking, The Aftermath, The Myths and Legends and Titanic Beneath.


    Maldron Hotel Belfast City

    10 Minutes Driving

    Located right in the heart of Belfast city and within walking distance of shops, restaurants and popular historic attractions, Maldron Belfast City is the perfect hotel in Belfast when exploring this vibrant city. The modern, family and budget-friendly accommodation comes with free WiFi and access to the bar and restaurant. The hotel’s stylish and spacious rooms assure you a good night’s sleep. Maldron Belfast City also boasts four state-of-the-art meeting rooms, making it the ideal place to do business.

    The Titanic Belfast is only a 10-minute drive from Maldron Hotel Belfast City. You can also take the bus which will take 17 minutes with routes G2 or 26. If you prefer to go for a stroll to the Titanic museum, it will take you a mere 35 minutes.