Red Bean Roastery

At Maldron Hotels we understand the importance of a good cup of quality coffee for coffee lovers and that is the very reason why we have our very own coffee brand available for our loyal customers – Red Bean Roastery.

Our coffee lounge areas offer a great range of delicious treats & snacks to savour with your coffee.

Red Bean Roastery is about capturing a moment in a perfect cup of coffee. We have made it our mission to bring our customers a great cup of coffee whenever they visit a Red Bean Roastery.

Our coffee story

Our coffee is sourced from the four corners of the globe, including Central and South America. What truly elevates our coffee is the craft and care our barista put into perfecting every cup. All our Red Bean Roastery’s provide table service, so sit back, relax and let our dedicated team look after you. Enjoy a freshly baked scone oozing with fresh cream and jam, washed down by an energy-boosting Americano or enjoy a healthy snack with a green tea, there is something for everyone.


Expert Baristas

The result of their craft is our signature espresso that is smooth, well rounded with perfectly balanced body – rich, buttery feel with a deep, dark after taste. This craft and care is also reflected in our many other beverage offerings such as our speciality teas and selection of tasty snacks and treats, many of which are freshly prepared on site.


Coffee and something sweet, what we offer

The food offering changes throughout the day from breakfast time to warm buttery pastries, toast and scones baked fresh every morning and served with gourmet preserves. Lunch varies depending on the hotel but all offer a wide selection of savoury dishes and snacks throughout the day. As well as a wide selection of desserts and sweet treats which can be purchased throughout the day.


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