Revealed: The Most Common Items Lost at Dublin Airport

    Posted 20.10.23

    Revealed: The Most Common Items Lost at Dublin Airport

    Have you ever lost or misplaced an item at Dublin Airport? If the answer is yes, you will most likely feel a bit frustrated and are probably wondering if it’s possible to get it back.

    The top three items that are lost at Dublin Airport:

    • Jewellery
    • Watches
    • Electronics

    It’s easy for jewellery and watches to fall off hands and wrists unnoticed as people are lifting and moving their luggage on and off carts and conveyor belts. It’s also common for these small items to drop out of bags, wallets, and pockets where they might have been stowed for safekeeping or comfort during the flight.

    Electronics get left behind by distracted travellers as they wait for their flight to be called or their luggage to arrive. Perhaps you yourself have browsed your tablet, smartphone, Kindle or iPad while you are waiting around, only to forget all about it when it’s time to grab your hand luggage and head for your departure gate? Since laptops are often carried in their own laptop bag or case, it’s easy to leave them behind when your hands are full.



    How to Find Lost Items

    Lost property is handed over to the Airport Police station and kept for two months and a day. After this period, it is disposed of. Therefore, you need to act quickly. Here’s what you can do:

    Report your item as lost by completing the form on Dublin Airport’s website. The form asks you for your name, email and phone number, and details of the item you have lost. You will need to clarify the date you lost it, where you lost it, and the terminal where you lost it: Departures, Arrivals, Terminal 1, Terminal 2, or a public area like the car park. When you have provided as much detail as possible, click on Register Your Item as Lost. The Airport Police will do what they can to help you.

    Check lost property on the website. Take a look at the lost property which has been found at Dublin Airport here. You can narrow down your search using the dropdown box under Select Category. Categories range alphabetically from bags to watches.



    Getting Your Property Back

    The Airport Police Public Office is in the Airport Police Station on the Arrivals level of Dublin Airport and is open during the hours of 7 am and 10 pm. If your lost property is there, you will need to pay a handling charge to get it back and present a valid photo ID for inspection.



    Property Lost Onboard Aircraft

    If you think you left your property on the airplane, you’ll need to contact the airline directly, or their ground handling agent. You can find the contact details for Are Lingus, Ryanair, Swissport, and Sky Handling Partner here.

    Finally, if you find an item of lost property, you should turn it into the Airport Police Station. That way, the unfortunate person who has lost it stands the best chance of getting it back.

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