6 Best Places to Eat Brunch in Dublin

Posted 16.12.23

6 Best Places to Eat Brunch in Dublin

Whoever came up with the idea of combining breakfast and lunch to make brunch is a genius. It’s the ideal outing for so many occasions. It could be catching up with friends, celebrating an occasion or just simply a lazy Sunday after a lie-in!

Brunch’s popularity has boomed in recent times and with it, so have the number of brunch spots. But while choice is great, it can also be troubling. Which brunch spot should you try next? Which one will suit your tastes? These are questions that might keep you up at night but fear not! We have scoured the city and come up with our recommendations of the best brunch places in Dublin!



First up we have the cleverly named Eathos of Baggot street. Three reasons why you should eat here…healthy food, beautiful food, delicious food.

Their menu has everything from crumpets to pancakes to shakshuka to just a good ol’ Full Irish. But as good as those dishes are, they are eclipsed by the incredible Acai Smoothie Bowl. A whole load of goodness in one helping. They are open from 8am to 3pm every day with final orders at 2.30pm.

Brother Hubbard

Ask any Dublin person for brunch recommendations and Brother Hubbard is going to make the list. Every. Single. Time.

With a menu that has been heavily influenced by Middle Eastern Cuisine, Brother Hubbard offers an exciting range of brunch options across their three locations. Mezze Trays, pork belly, eggs, Baba Bida and wraps are among the delicious dishes you can get here. Better yet, Brother Hubbard has three locations; Brother Hubbard North is on Capel Street, Brother Hubbard South on Harrington Street and a newer addition to the business is in Arnotts, Liffey Street Lower. Each location is open 7 days a week so you can go any time you want!

Farmer Browns

Farmer Browns is the next great brunch place to sample. With four venues located in Rathmines, Clonskeagh, Bath Avenue and Kilternan, there are a number of spots you can dine in. An incredibly popular location, the restaurants are always filled with customers.

The menu is influenced by American and Irish tastes and features a number of delicious dishes. Eggs Benedict, Huevos Rancheros, Breakfast Tacos and Waffles are all available or you could get their version of the Full Irish, quirkily named The Starvin Marvin. A fun place with a great vibe, Farmer Browns is the perfect location for your brunchtime needs.


Balfes has become a fantastic brunch spot worthy of making any list. With a delicious menu of high-quality ingredients, Balfes never fails to impress. Some of the fantastic dishes on offer include buttermilk pancakes, eggs Benedict and Irish smoked salmon.

The restaurant is ideally located just off Grafton Street making it the perfect location after a busy morning in the city.

Queen of Tarts

Queen of Tarts is underrated. As you might have guessed, their speciality is in sweet treats with a long list of delicious cakes ranging from a Victoria sponge to a chocolate fudge cake and plenty in between!

But this list is about brunch and Queen of Tarts deserves to feature on that basis alone. Their menu is not large, nor is it fancy. Soup, sandwiches, savoury tarts, an omelette, French toast and salad. That’s it and that makes it fantastic. There is nothing pretentious about the food, it’s just a great place to go, especially if you’re just looking for a soup and sandwich. Oh, and one of their delicious cakes as a dessert really hits the spot too!!!


Here’s a place that really knows how to do brunch. With what is quite possibly the best brunch menu in Ireland, Angelina’s stands out as being a quality brunch location.

What do you want to eat? A simple porridge? Eggs Benedict maybe? Or is it a sandwich, a burger, pancakes, waffles or French toast? Angelina’s has it all ensuring you get a superb brunch experience. And do you have a sweet tooth? Then the desserts of cheesecake and their incredible chocolate brownie with salted caramel, honeycomb and vanilla ice cream are sure to satisfy. If you’re thirsty, their selection of lunchtime cocktails and juices will surely quench that.

Where to stay in Dublin for brunch 

Having an easy morning and a relaxing brunch can be hassle-free if you’re staying at a hotel that’s near to everywhere that matters! A prime example is Maldron Hotel Kevin Street, located at the heart of Dublin city centre! 

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