Stroud Green Market

Close to Maldron Hotel Finsbury Park is Stroud Green Market, a bustling area that is home to a wide range of local produce, delicacies, and treats.

Open on Sundays and located between Finsbury Park and the Stroud Green Road, the market provides a number of different foods, so you’ll be sure to find something you like. There is a range of food created by English farms and brought to the market by the farmers themselves. Local home-made items like bread, cakes and pies, as well as specialities like artisan cheese and wine which you won’t find anywhere else.

It’s not just full of food to take back home with you though, as hot food and drinks are around to keep you going while you’re browsing, from tea and coffee to Vietnamese street food and even pizza.

Close to Stroud Green Market is the famous Faltering Fullback Pub. This well-loved Irish pub has a lovely garden, big screen sports and a lively atmosphere, and is a regular destination for many visitors and residents of the area.