Utilities Use At Maldron Hotels

  • We have introduced a new suite of reports that are circulated to all our hotels on a monthly basis which in turn guide them on how they can better reduce their consumption of electricity, gas and water.
  • We have undertaken a significant re-lamping project across the public areas of all our hotels with over 35,000 bulbs changed to LED – we are working towards replacing all light bulbs across our hotels to LED.
  • We have a range of CHP’s in operation across our hotels with an additional 3 units recently installed. A Combined Heat and Power unit (CHP) is an energy efficient technology that generates electricity and captures the heat that otherwise would be wasted to provide thermal energy. Hot water generated from the CHP replaces the need for boilers to be operating at the same time.
  • We are currently in the process of reviewing the effectiveness of our hotel BMS (Building Management Systems) so we can upgrade and replace as appropriate for maximum efficiencies.
  • Most of our hotels have installed tap and shower aerators. These devices control the flow of water without affecting pressure, resulting in significant reductions in the amount of water used. With the aerator in place there is an average saving of 5 litres of running water per minute from taps & also showers. We are working towards installing aerators on all taps & showers across our hotels.

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