Beaches Near Maldron Sandy Road

Posted 1.9.23

Salthill Prom

Salthill is one of Galway’s most well-known beaches with imagery of the beautiful location posted all over when the weather is beautiful and even on days when it is not! It is a beautiful place for families, couples or even if you are looking for somewhere with a scenic run across Galway Bay. If the weather is fine, you may even be tempted to dive off the Blackrock diving board! Salthill is just a short distance from our Galway City Centre and is only 45-minute walk from our hotel!

Dogs Bay/Gurteen Bay

These beaches can be found next to each other and are the ideal spot for the family to pull up relax and enjoy a picnic. These beaches can be found just 2 miles outside Roundstone Village in Connemara and from here you can take in the beautiful scenery of Errisbeg mountain. These beaches even have a great feature of a horseshoe shape to assure swimmers can be protected by the deadly currents which the water can present. A fun fact about the beach is that the white colour is due to seashells that make up its formation.

Coral Beach

This beach is located just on the outskirts of Carraroe Trá an Dóilín the so-called Coral Beach is known for its colourful wildlife especially the coralline algae which is known as maerl. For the beach to possess maerl is very significant as it is extremely rare and has such ecological importance. This beach due to its location can be a lot quieter than the other beaches nearer to Galway City, the several brilliant rock pools make it one of the most desirable places your family can go!

Silver Strand Beach

Silver Strand Beach is located just outside Barna and just over 3KM further on from Salthill and is a very popular for tourists and families alike. It is also an avid place for surfers, wind surfing and paddle boarding with some incredible views which are protected by cliff and rock making it safe for swimmers at a low tide. Silver Strand Beach also has a large variety of parking available which can offer peace of mind for your family adventure to the beach!

Flaggy Shore Beach

Located right on the Wild Atlantic Way, just outside the gem town of Kinvara in County Clare. The Flaggy Shore is located in the surrounds of the Burren if one thing is for sure, the combined view with the Atlantic Ocean are ones which will not be soon forgotten, there is also a picturesque little ice-cream shop which really puts the cherry on top of what is always an amazing beach excursion.

Bishops Quarters

Located on the Kinvarra – Ballyvaughan road, just under one-hour from the hotel in County Clare, it really is worth making the trip. The beach is surrounded by the Burren lands with great sandy beaches. There is also the remanence of a monastic church and cemetery in the locality which is worth examining and observing the architecture which once lay before you. There is also a spot over the small cross over stone bridge where you can fish for both fish and crabs and if your good at it that is dinner sorted!

Fanore Beach

This beautiful beach is a real hidden gem of County Clare! It is around 1 hour and 15 minutes from the Maldron Hotel Sandy Road but a great location if you are planning a trip of relaxation while taking in the beautiful countryside which the Wild Atlantic Way has to offer. This beach is very popular for water sports and for a nice tranquil swim.