Caring for our Environment

Living Green is Maldron Hotels & Partners environmental movement which is aimed to not only help protect the environment but also to inspire creative sustainability ideas for all.

At Maldron Hotel Smithfield we care deeply about the environment, have great awareness of our carbon footprint and we are in the process of developing ourselves in order to be more environmentally friendly.

Throughout 2022 our key focuses are on waste, water, carbon and electricity management. We are also looking forward to improving our charity and biodiversity plans.


Maldron Smithfield has been accredited by Green Tourism, a certification program that provides a framework to achieve a sustainable business in the tourism industry.

Water Management

At Maldron Smithfield we have implemented many measures to help reduce our water wastage. Continue implementing water management systems to ensure that we aren’t wasting precious resources is extremely important to us.

Community Efforts

Maldron Smithfield is at the heart of our community. We make a conscious effort to help our local neighbours. From raising money for local hospitals to cleaning the streets and everything in between Maldron Smithfield are dedicated to helping the community.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

As we are based in the heart of Dublin city it is extremely important to use to encourage the reduction of our carbon footprint. A large number of our staff have become members of the Woodland trust which help supports the planting of new trees. We are delighted to be sourcing local suppliers to not only promote local but to reduce transport emissions and we continue to promote the already popular cycle to work in the hotel.

Waste Management

Waste management is a hot topic for 2022 as we aim to reduce our landfill waste by 25 % through training, closely monitoring bin contents and also by inviting our guests to follow our examples.


At Maldron Smithfield we are striving to increase biodiversity. We are currently focused on adopting animals, becoming members of forestry organisations and reducing our carbon footprint within the community.

  •  We are sourcing local suppliers to promote local.
  • We continue to promote the already popular cycle to work in the hotel.

Wildlife Initiative

Maldron Smithfield team are extremely passionate about local wildlife. We have recently sponsored a penguin from Dublin Zoo,We are committed to regularly adopting animals from Dublin Zoo.


Electricity and gas consumption will be reduced in 2022 with our progress on creating a 100% LEDs hotel as well as tight control our electricity and gas consumption by using our smart BMS system.

Living Green - The Future

Maldron Hotels & Partners are committed to continuing our efforts to reduce our environmental impact. If you would like to know more about our environmental movement, please click here.

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