Best Sushi Places in Dublin

Did you know that the best sushi places in Dublin happen to be located near one another? Whether you prefer the juicy freshness of sashimi, or you’d much rather indulge in the complex textures of a maki, you can sate your Japanese raw-fish cravings on sushi-packed Parnell Street or around it.

But before we start talking about some of the best Japanese restaurants in Dublin, let’s get one question out of the way. If you’re a tourist, why would you want to eat sushi in Dublin? First, even the most gastronomic of travellers won’t indulge in local grub all the time. There’s no harm in returning to old favourites when you want to take a break from the boxty and Irish stew – or you’re just feeling homesick for something familiar, such as Italian or Japanese.

Second, Ireland is well-known for its amazing seafood, thanks to its expansive coastline. The country boasts terrific salmon, oysters, and prawns – all of which are popular components of Japanese cuisine. Sushi in Dublin is likely at par with other sushi in Europe, at least.

Now that our cultural lesson is over, it’s time to find out where to find the best sushi in Dublin!

Best Sushi Restaurants in Dublin

Whether it’s a quick sushi roll at lunch, mid-shopping trip or a romantic date night in the city with your loved one, here are the best spots to grab some sushi in Dublin; 

  • Musashi Noodles & Sushi Bar
  • Yamamori Tengu
  • Eatokyo Asian Street Food
  • Gushi Asian Bar & Restaurant
  • Japanese Kitchen by J2 Sushi
  • Takara Ramen & Deli Sushi Bar
  • Banyi Japanese Dining

Musashi Noodles & Sushi Bar

Musashi in Dublin

Source: Instagram 

Can we say elegant and hole-in-the-wall in the same sentence? The unassuming grey and red façade of Musashi sushi restaurant doesn’t quite prepare you for the chic lighting and modern woodwork of the interior. The rolls here range from classic to trendy, but each one is a picture-perfect work of art. Every roe-speckled roll and colourful sushi boat assert intense flavour and texture.


179 Parnell St, Dublin 1


Yamamori Tengu

Source: Yamamori Website

Yamamori is arguably one of the best Japanese restaurants in Dublin and it’s a mere 13-minute walk from Parnell Street. This branch is styled like an izakaya. The term translates to “stay drink place,” which means its drinks selection is just as good as its cuisine. Yamamori invites bands and other entertainers to play, making each visit a multi-sensory, multi-satisfying experience.

If you’re not one to rev up your nightlife, that’s okay. Like most Japanese restaurants in Dublin, this restaurant-pub offers takeaway.

37 Strand Street Great, Dublin 1


Eatokyo Asian Street Food

Source: Instagram

Eatokyo centres around Japanese food. However, you’ll find pad thai, chahan rice, and Indian curry mingling with unagi nigiri and spicy tuna rolls on the menu. This tiny restaurant knows how to pack a hefty variety in its arsenal. What’s more, the items are surprisingly affordable for their calibre. If you’re staying on Parnell Square, burn your calories by walking home after your meal – it’s only 10 minutes away.


4 Talbot Street, Dublin 1


Gushi Asian Bar & Restaurant

Gushi in Dublin

Source: Instagram 

Gushi is another eatery that many consider the best Japanese restaurant in Dublin. It’s one of those be-all types. The menu carries shabu-shabu, ramen, and sukiyaki. Moreover, it has Korean kimchi dishes and Szechuan-style rice! You’ll notice this global approach in the sushi offerings as well. More modern creations, such as naruto rolls (where cucumber replaces nori sheets), avocado rolls, and California maki take centre stage.  


48 Capel Street, Dublin 1


Japanese Kitchen by J2 Sushi

J2 Sushi Dublin

Source: Instagram

Are you too tired from adventuring all over the city to walk to another eatery? This establishment offers some of the best sushi spots in Dublin. J2 is a restaurant enterprise known for its commitment to fresh produce and cooking everything upon order. These same philosophies are carried over to its subsidiary Japanese Kitchen. You can never go wrong with their fresh and delectable selection, whether you purchase the spicy tuna and avocado or seared smoked salmon nigiri.


1 Poolbeg St, Dublin 2


Takara Ramen & Deli Sushi Bar

Takara in Dublin

Source: Instagram 

Another sushi restaurant that delivers in more ways than one is Takara Ramen & Deli Sushi Bar. This fun sushi joint sources the freshest ingredients to compose the best sushi dishes possible. Think Irish beef and seafood, plus chicken, fish, and pork. If you feel extra whimsical, you can even design a personal futomaki ­– it’s an extra-long sushi roll that you can share with your mates.

0 1-872-9963

37 Upper Abbey Street, Dublin 1


Banyi Japanese Dining

Banyi in Dublin

Source: Instagram 

Banyi is another contender for the best sushi restaurant in Dublin. Unlike Japanese eateries and much like other Japanese restaurants in Ireland, Banyi serves an extensive menu of favourites. Apart from sushi, it peddles bento boxes and main courses. The beef is Irish Hereford, the chicken comes from Cork, and the fish from Wrights of Marino. Everything is fresh, handcrafted, and premium – but without the premium price tag.

01-675 0669

3-4 Bedford Row, Temple Bar, Dublin 2


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