Revealed: The UK's favourite movie characters to spend Christmas with

Christmas is already in full swing: the tree is up in our houses, the streets are shining with Christmas lights, busy pavements with secret Santas, kids have their Santa lists sent off, Christmas office parties are happening every night and everyone is in the festive mood.

One of the greatest things about Christmas are the movies, to get us into the Christmas spirit. Whether you are watching them on TV or Netflix it doesn’t matter, getting cosy on the couch and watching your favourite festive movie is a must. From Elf, The Snowman, The Muppets, The Muppet Christmas Carol, Love Actually and many many others, they are bringing families and loved ones together for a cosy evening of entertainment with a nice cup of tea, chocolate and biscuits.

What if you could take these magical movie characters and bring them to real life to spend a “Christmassy” day with you? We asked 1000 British who they would like to spend a special Christmassy day with and the results are in.

The number one Christmas movie character the UK would like to spend a day with is…wait for it….. Buddy, from the classic ELF movie. Here’s the top 7:

Looks like UK citizens would rather have a fun “Christmassy” day than a day full of explosions or romance. Overall, this is true… But if we break down the results for men and women, the results are slightly different:

If was up to the ladies, the top 4 choices would be the same as the overall result: Buddy, Snowman, The Muppets Crew and The Grinch. The 4th position was David (The Prime Minister from Love Actually), with 11.7% of the votes. Swooon.

Just looking at the lads choices, the competition was more balanced. There was only a 27% difference between the top 4 choices: 19.9% would choose a “Christmassy” day with the Snowman, followed by Buddy (18.4%), The Muppets Crew (18.3%) and John McClane (17.2%).

If it was up to you, who would you choose and what would you do?

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