Living Green

Living Green is Maldron Hotels & Partners environmental movement which inspires care for our environment as a “Way of Life” throughout our hotels; both for our people and our guests.

Here at the Maldron Hotel Derry, we are constantly finding new ways to support the environment and have introduced changes in the hotel which you will notice each time you visit. All of our staff will be fully trained and committed to working in a way to protect the environment. They will be trained on our environmental policies and these will be updated and available on our guest portal.

We have installed aerators in each of our hotel rooms which reduces the amount of water passing through the tap but you will notice no difference in the flow pressure.

Within our rooms we use a key card system to activate the electricity, by allocating only 1 key card to each room this means that the electricity is not left on when our guests leave the room.

With the hotel being in a City Centre location and walking distance to the local bus and train stations, we would encourage our staff to use public transport to come to work, this helps on reducing the carbon emissions.


We have introduced light sensors in the corridors, this reduces emissions that can cause air pollution and using a lighting control system this squeezes the most efficiency from the lighting fixtures.

Caring for our Environment

Recycling plays a huge part in our hotel with us following all the guidelines and necessary bins in place to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerators.

Living Green - The Future

We are continuously working on implementing new eco-friendly procedures and will communicate all our efforts with our future guests. If you would like to know more about our Environmental Movement, please click here.

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