Cork Public Museum

Cork Public Museum is situated in the Park in the house known at the time of the Exhibition as ‘The Shrubbery House’, which served as the administrative Centre for the great undertaking.  A wing has been added, in cool modern style, to complement the severe Georgian lines of the building.  Tucked in between the Museum and the riverbank is a cafe with indoor and outdoor tables, a perfect place to sit and contemplate life.

Cork City Gaol

Cork is a city with a very rich historical and archaeological heritage – much of it still in evidence today.

Part of this heritage, Cork City Gaol is located 2 km from Patrick’s Street and while the magnificent castle-like building is now a major and unique visitor attraction, this Gaol once housed 19th century prisoners.

Visitors get a fascinating insight into day-to-day prison life at a time when the high walls ensured no escape and denied law-abiding citizens the opportunity to see one of the finest examples of Ireland’s architectural heritage.

Nano Nagle

Nano Nagle Place is a historic oasis in the centre of Cork City and celebrates the Nano Nagle’s vision of empowerment through education, community inclusion and spiritual engagement for a contemporary world. The complex houses gardens, a café and a heritage centre which explores the 18th century and tells the story of Nano Nagle who worked tirelessly to help and educate the poor and how she founded the Presentation sisters.

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