• Best Pizza Places in Dublin

6 Best Pizza Places in Dublin

Pizza, pizza, pizza! Everybody loves pizza, right? We certainly do, that’s for sure. It’s also one of Ireland’s favourite meals and in Dublin, there is no end to the number of great pizza places you can choose from. And that’s just the problem! With so much choice on offer, how can anyone be expected to take on the responsibility of selecting the next great pizza place to sample?

We have taken it upon ourselves to taste a multitude of pizzas so that we are able to provide you with the best pizza recommendations known to mankind. But it is an impossible task to find the best pizza in Dublin so here are 6 recommendations to tickle your taste buds.


Founded by self-confessed fussy eater John Savage, Pi was created with the express intent of creating a perfect pizza, something that would rival the acclaimed pizza places of New York. And so far, they have done exactly that and Pi has become one of the most, if not the most, popular pizza place in Dublin.

Their menu is simple and straightforward. Instead of offering a sprawling mix of pizzas and pizza toppings, Pi has eight. 5 are suitable for vegetarians and 2 are suitable for vegans. All the pizzas are 12’ and use the best products from local and artisan suppliers. A selection of 4 dips as well as other add-ons can be chosen.
Pi is located on George’s Street. We recommend the Nduja. Perfection on a pizza!

Base Wood Fired Pizza

Here’s one restaurant chain you can count on. Base was founded in 2008 by solicitor Shane Crilly with the intent of improving the standard of pizza in Dublin and inspire healthier choices by offering people real food. With a strong partnership in Naples, Southern Italy, Shane obtains quality, fresh Italian ingredients.

Base offers a wide selection of their classic, speciality and white pizzas as well as a number of side options and dips. They have an extensive list of special offers which should suit the tastes of any customers. Their pizzas come in two sizes, 9.5” and 13.5” and are equally delicious.

Di Fontaines

As with many of the other establishments mentioned here, Di Fontaines started out from a delicious pizza experience in New York that wasn’t replicated in Ireland. Thus, in 2002, Di Fontaines was founded in the central and bustling location of Temple Bar. The aim was to create that fantastic “Grab and Go” pizza experience using a super-secret recipe and handmade dough.
The first thing that comes to mind when looking at the menu is “choice”. There are plenty of pizza slices, calzones and vegan options available and if you are particularly hungry, 20” pizzas which are the perfect foodie experience. For us though, nothing beats those incredible pizza slices.


Pizza done right. Comparatively young when compared to some of the other restaurants on this list but don’t mistake youth for inexperience. Started in 2016 by James Cirillo who has a family history in Italian food, the restaurant has made an indelible mark on the Irish pizza landscape and was voted the 16th best pizzeria in Europe in 2020.
The pizzas are the main attraction of the restaurant but are still part of a larger menu that includes antipasti and pasta dishes. All pizzas are made to Vera Pizza Napoletana standards and with 15 different types to choose from, there is something there to suit everyone.


The MacHugh twins got the idea for Sano after travelling to Naples and were struck by two things; the lower salt content of the pizza bases and the affordability of the pizzas. Sano aims to replicate that in Ireland and there’s no denying they do it incredibly well!

The menu isn’t limited to pizzas and comes with the usual alcoholic beverages and soft drinks but also a selection of sides, desserts, ice-creams, sundaes and milkshakes, and there’s even a Nutella pizza! They have 11 different traditional pizzas and then 4 further specials and gluten free and vegan friendly options are available.

Two pretty cool aspects of Sano’s business are their bake at home options which are partially cooked and just need to be topped and popped into an oven and home pizza kits which come with everything you need to make a delicious pizza.


We’re going to throw a curveball at you now because our final pizza place is not Italian inspired, nor does it come from the teachings of New York. Brazilian restaurant Sampa makes the final spot on our list and for a very good reason too.

They have a wide variety of pizzas in a wide variety of sizes, 9”, 12” and 16”. They also do 9” sweet pizzas for those who have a penchant for desserts and treats, and while these are tasty options, it’s not why Sampa makes the list.

Sampa does Esfihas which are essentially mini pizzas. With the majority of the Esfihas coming in at under €2 they are delicious, fun and affordable. Why not make the experience even better and order between 5 and 10 of them and carry out a blind taste test!

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